Long Range Reader


AR300U is an ultra-high frequency (UHF) long-range reader typically installed at the outdoor entrance with an access controller to restrict unauthorized access. It reads UHF card or sticker to trigger barrier gate open earlier so that the car can pass through without stopping.

What if you no longer need to endure the stress of a long queue at the barrier gate during peak hours? It would be an enjoyable experience if everyone can pass through seamlessly by just waving their access card from the comfort inside the car. How can you maximize convenience while still maintain good security at the first entry point to your building?

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of automation technology
With CDUT130L UHF sticker installed at headlamp, no more stopping your car and get your hand wet while winding down the window to flashcard during a rainy day. AR300U can differentiate other UHF tags such as TnG’s RFID sticker to avoid confusion that will slow down your car and cause a long stressful queue for everyone else.


Description UHF Reader
Dimension 215 x 225 x 52mm
Frequency 919 – 923 Mhz to comply Malaysia SIRIM MCMC regulation
Data output Wiegand 26 / 34
Reading range Up to 10 meters off air. 2 to 6 meter depending on type of solar film.
Input DC12V, idle : 100mA, Active reading : 500mA
Power consumption 2W
Output power 30dbm
Protection IP66, waterproof and weather proof for outdoor installation
Working temperature -20 +70°C
Storage temperature -40 +85°C
Humidity 0% 95% ( non-condensing)
Standards ISO 1800-63
Net weight 0.8kg