BR630T is a type of barrier gate typically installed at the entrance with an access control reader to restrict unauthorized vehicle access. It supports a 4.5 m telescopic arm with a swing-out function. BR630T with a 3-sec opening/closing speed is the most affordable among all our barrier gates for medium traffic.

A nice guardhouse entrance makes you feel proud to show off to your visitors. Being a medium size condominium or building, you don’t want to spend “big” money to purchase a high-performance European barrier for the sake of its premium outlook. You looked for a lower-cost alternative from other “no-brand” suppliers but you are not confident about their product quality and backup service. How can you find the right barrier gate?

Affordable and still looks good
BR630T modern grey concept effectively increases the premium prestigious impression of guardhouse barrier entrance. BR630T lower speed 3-sec engine is optimized to be very affordable for a site that requires medium traffic flow.

What makes us different?
Following are some technology highlights for BR630T.



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Ordering info:

Quantity Equipment
1nos BR630T 3sec, AC230 barrier motor (c/w panel, wall plug screw, u-bracket for base mounting)
1nos 4 meter telescopic arm
1nos MAG BRD05 loop detector
2nos 2 meter foam lining

Optional accessories to add on:

  • Upgrade BRD05 loop detector to BRD02 DualRay traffic detector to eliminate cutting loop coil on floor.
  • Upgrade telescopic arm to LED straight arm to minimize arm hit by vehicle at night.
  • Add C-240AC to protect AC230 power input inside barrier gate.
  • Add BR_PB2 double push button for UP and DOWN manual control.
  • Add BR_PB3 tripple push button for UP, DOWN and STOp manual control.
  • Add BR_SB_MAG super light weight signboard to indicate VISITOR / STOP / RESIDENT lane.
  • Add TFL100 MAG mini traffic light to indicate pass through status.


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